Saturday, July 31

The DNR Shares Tips To Tell Ticks To Bug Off – 9 & 10 News – 9&10 News

There definitely are some guests not invited for holiday weekend fun: ticks.

The Department of Natural Resources say no matter what you’re doing outdoors or where in Michigan you plan to visit, take steps to keep ticks away from yourself, as well as your family, friends and pets.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services say tick season his here.

Signs and symptoms of tick-borne disease typically begin one to two weeks after a tick bite or being in wooded or brushy areas where ticks commonly live.

Early symptoms can be nonspecific and include fever or chills, rash, headache, fatigue and muscle aches.

Early treatment with appropriate antibiotics can decrease the risk of serious complications.

Visit for help with tick identification, protection tips, details on submitting photos and other helpful information.

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